Sharing Photos of Rainy Dala

Posted by Dalathu on September 8, 2009

This is just my sharing sector for the visitors of this site. All photos are dedicated for the rainy season in Dala.

dala native

Dala Native , swimmer in the river

Dala  under brown sky 1

Dala River Bank

Dala River Bank

Dala under Brown sky 3

Dala under Brown sky 2

Dala Ferry

Crowded Dala Ferry

Dala Port and Small Boat- men with life jackets

Sheltered Passengers of Small Boats

Means of Transportation in River

Small boats for Fish-capturing Career


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Weather of Dala

Posted by Dalathu on May 15, 2009

DSC04453River scene when it fogs

The weather of Dala is not quite different with Yangon’s. It is quite same but Dala is a little cooler than Yangon because of its surrounding. Actually Dala is a kind of island. So it is very rainy during the monsoon and sometimes it suffers the storm like the Nargis cyclone. During Nargis, Dala have lost its some precious shady trees like other towns and villages who have suffered the Nargis. As the result, the temperature of this year is a little higher than last year. And this year, (from Jan to mid Mar) in the river, it was very foggy than the other year. When it is foggy in the river, the ferry boat could run as usual because it is very risky to across the river when it fogs. Then, the natives and the people from surroundings who want to across the river like before could not reach to their destinations but it is caused usually once or twice a year during that period (from Jan to Feb or Mar). But they had to face that problem worse this year. And for the rainy season, the natives become forecast the weather could be worse because of Nargis. Nevertheless, Dala is a rainy region since before Nargis and its weather is quite fair for its natives. Although it is rainy, the flood had never caused in Dala because each household make their own canal in front of their house every year.

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Acorssing the River Yangon to Dala

Posted by Dalathu on May 11, 2009

from dalaPan Soe Dan Port

To across the River, you don’t need so many minutes. Just give about ten minutes!  You can start your trip to Dala.

First if you are to go to Dala from Yangon, you need to buy your ticket at the ticket counter of the Pan Soe Dan port. If you are  foreigner, it will cost one US $ for one ticket.

And then, just go down on the jetty and feel the river surrounding. Breath deeply the fresh air. It is the gift for Dala’s natives. Because they can easily get the freshest air everyday acrossing the river.

river sceneRIVER  SCENE

Before Nargis, there were three boats which run according to their turn. But during Nargis, one boat sank in the river so there remain just two boats now.

The names of boats are dedicated to the burmese historical heros, Anawrahta and Dabin Shwehtee. The boats have two levels. It is better to go upstair if you want to take the photo of river scene. (The sunset of river is very popular among the visitors)

DSC03054Sunset of the River

On the boat, there is small cafetaria where you can relax and get some drinks. But remember you have just 10 minutes on the boat.

During that small trip, you can see a part of Dala, such as its natives’s lives, caracters, etc. And also you can see famous Dala Dockyard from the river.

When you reach to Dala port, you will feel the opposite  air of urban surrounding. That is DALA.

DSC04681Yangon-Dala ferry

DSC04676River Scene

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